Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This blog is outta here :-)

Since having your blog on your own domain opens up a lot more opportunities for a blogger to make money, I figured it was high time I make the switch. I've been getting some great ideas from the Affiliate Project X ebook and I'm excited to put the info to use. There's a lot of work ahead of me as I'm going to have to re-vamp my website and re-establish my blog's page rank but I'm glad to have finally found a direction. Now if I can just manage to stay focused . . .

Come visit and exchange links with me at my blog's new home - Guides to Internet Income.com

BTW, I still plan on posting that review on Affiliate Project X. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Affiliate Project X

After dabbling in the free methods of making money online, I decided to check out some of those guides you see advertised all over the internet claiming they'll show you how to make the big bucks. Some of these programs are really expensive and I was, of course, a bit leery. I mean, who wants to be scammed, right? But since I've made some pocket change with sponsored posts, ads, etc, I decided to go ahead and take one for a test drive.

The one I'm reading right now is Affiliate Project X. Not quite through it yet, but have gleaned some very useful information. At the very least, it's given me some ideas for my (under performing) website.

I'll post a review when I'm done. If anyone else has an opinion on it, please post a comment.

- Maria

Save some money

Here's a cool site that can save ya'll some money on pretty much everything under the sun. It's called CouponChief.com and you can find great deals on items from your favorite internet or brick and mortar stores.

Into electronics? Check out their Best Buy, CompUSA, or HP pages.

Looking for something a bit more fun? They've got a Music & DVD's page, a Travel & Luggage section, and my personal favorite - Food & Wine, lol.

Have fun shopping and save money while you're at it. They even have deals to places like Macy's and Nike. With summer fast approaching and me having to clothe two teenagers, I'm psyched I found this place!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Here's a little money maker

Well I've signed on with AdBux. It's a program that pays you to click on a link and view a site for 30 seconds. Unlike some programs which pay you .0003 cents per click, AdBux pays you a penny per click. I know it's not much, but it adds up quickly. If you're interested, I'd appreciate you signing up through my link so I get the referral - AdBux.

- Maria

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Rob at The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under to give five reasons why I blog. I don't know who started the game, but it's a fun and creative way to get links back to your blog. If you get tagged, expect to write a post giving your reasons for blogging, include a link back to the person who tagged you, then tag 5 other bloggers.

So why do I blog?

1) I can gain traffic and visibility to my website Guide to Internet Income.com
2) I can earn a bit of money through doing sponsored reviews, ad placements, affiliate marketing, etc.
3) I can make friends with people in another country - like Rob, for instance, who is from New Zealand, Mike who I believe is from Great Britain, and Maki who hails from Canada.
4) I can prevent cobwebs from occupying my brain by engaging in deep and meaningful discussions with other bloggers.
5) I can learn something new.

So let's see, I think I'll tag Pieter . . . Deborah . . . Shirlene . . .Roseate . . . Beth

You know, I think I'll tag Lance as well. Rob said we could change the rules a little bit :-)

Thanks for the tag Rob!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

An alternative to Google's NonSense

Well since I got the boot from AdSense, I'm on the hunt for another way to monetize my blog and website. I came across an ad network called Kontera and their product is called ContentLink.

Like other forms of contextual advertising, Kontera's software is able to crawl the pages of your site and deliver ads that should be of interest to your readers. These ads show up on your site as in line text that is double underlined. When a reader mouses over these keywords, the ad appears.

Kontera does have some qualifying requirements which your blog or website must meet in order to be accepted as a publisher. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I can't meet the minimum 250,000 page impressions per month at this time. Not sure how strict they are on this, as I have come across other bloggers who put their applications in without meeting this requirement and have still been approved.

Guess for now, I'll stick with AdBrite.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So long Google No Sense

Looks like I've been cast into the sea of unsuspecting and unenlightened bloggers/webmasters who have somehow angered the powers that be over at Google's advertising department and have had their AdSense accounts terminated. What a joke. They don't tell you why, they don't allow you to inquire, and they keep the money in your account. Must be nice to be able to arbitrarily axe your publishers and keep any money you owe them. Needless to say, I'm a little perturbed.

On a happier note, I got a $3/hr raise this morning in my real world job.

Life, and the pursuit of passive internet income, goes on. :-)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Improve your Technorati ranking

Our clever friend Maki over at Dosh Dosh.com has come up with an ingenius way to improve your Technorati ranking. He's titled his experiment Dosh Dosh's Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange and it's catching on like wildfire.

All you have to do to join is favorite my blog on Technorati. The easiest way to do that would be to simply click this button Add to Technorati Favorites Then simply leave a comment here which includes a link I can use to favorite you back. The easiest way to do that would be to create it using this Technorati tool - Favorite Buttons That's it. It's a great way to boost your ranking quickly and easily. Thanks Dosh Dosh for another great idea!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Time for a little diversion

Since we've been working so hard on making money online, I think it's about time to take a little break and have some fun. I found this cool little service that can add some pizazz to your blog. It's called Fliptrack.

Fliptrack is a free service that allows you to create music videos using your own pictures. The site provides you with a catalog of music (which they own the rights to, so no worries about copyright infringement) and the software necessary to edit and create your masterpiece. What's more, you can share it on Blogger, MySpace, and a few other social networks.

I checked out a few of the videos created by Fliptrack users and found one I really liked. This one's for all my girls out there. Holla!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If you blog it, will they come?

I recently came across a paid opportunity to review an article entitled "27 + 1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience." Since many of my readers have blogs themselves, I jumped at the chance. The article was written and posted by Jarrod Hunt on the Sponsored Reviews.com blog. He divides the tips into general categories then goes into detail about each one. It's a long article, but well worth the read. I'll condense it for you here by highlighting the main points, but to do the article justice, you simply must check it out for yourself. If you're a blogger, you'll be glad you took the time to surf over and read it.

Jarrod's first category is titled The Fundamentals. The tips listed are: 1) Consider Your Niche. 2) Be Original. 3) Don't Forget the Design. 4) Choose the Right Platform for your Blog. 5) Choose the Right Domain Name for your Blog.

Category number two is titled Building Your Audience. 13 tips make up this section and include: 1) Consistency is Key. 2) Picking the Right Topics. 3) Interaction is Important. 4) Master the Art of Tagging. 5) Offer Digg This and Other Social Bookmarking Options. 6) Digg Yourself – But Do It Wisely. 7) Incorporate Basic SEO Principles. 8) Don't Forget Your Grammar. 9) Become a Reliable Resource. 10) Stay Informed. 11) Use an RSS Feed. 12) Find the Right Balance in Post Length [ I am trying to keep a rein on this one ;-) ]. 13) Promote Yourself Using Sponsored Reviews.

Last category Jarrod writes about is Keeping Your Audience. After all the effort you put into getting readers, you'll want to take special note of these last 10 tips: 1) Avoid Gimmicks. 2) Use Trackbacks. 3) Post Items and Lists that Actually Help Your Audience [like I'm doing now, lol]. 4) Reach Out to Your Readers. 5) Listen to Your Audience. 6) Stay Topical and Timeless. 7) Watch Out for Growing Pains. 8) Interview Industry Leaders. 9) Stay on Top of Blogging Trends and New Techniques. 10) Avoid Alienation.

Whew, what a fantastic list! Like I said, you really must read the article itself to get the meat of his post. He also invites you to comment and add your own tips as well. Several bloggers have done just that, adding more value to an already incredibly useful article. In my opinion, it should be required reading for any beginning blogger - Great job Jarrod!

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This has been a sponsored review.

Happy bday to a fellow blogger!

Hey everybody, head on over to Kumiko's blog. It's her birthday today and she's sharing the love by giving away linkbacks. Her blog has great money making ideas and she's the cutest thing ever. I love her no holds barred attitude towards some of the money making scams she's tried.

Go on, wish her a Happy Birthday!

It's My Birthday Party! Get A LinkBack!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Five Tips To Reduce Your Credit Card Bills

Brought to you by CreditCardFlyers.com

Outstanding credit card balances can get the better of you if you don’t keep them under control. Here are five essential tips for reducing the amount you owe:

1 – Take advantage of 0% balance transfer deals. You’ll need to work out how much you’ll be charged to transfer a balance, but you will usually save money over the life of the deal.

2 – Pay more than the minimum each month if you can. Even paying just a little more than is required every time will reduce your outstanding balance (and any interest charged) quicker than you would otherwise.

3 – Work out a monthly budget and stick to it. This will not only enable you to pay off your credit card balance each month, it will also ensure you don’t habitually pay for more purchases with your cards – sending your balances higher still.

4 – Be determined – cut up your credit cards. If you really don’t feel comfortable doing so, either ask a trusted friend or family member to hold onto them for you, or keep the one with the lowest interest rate for emergencies.

5 – Look out for cut price interest deals. If you can’t transfer your whole balance onto an interest free deal, transfer as much as you can and look for a low promotional rate to transfer the rest onto.

Find out how much the interest rate is on each of your cards – if you have more than one – and transfer the highest rated one first. You can save a significant amount of money just by doing this.

One final tip – if you’re currently paying $100 a month off your credit card balance, and shifting to a lower rate means you only pay $60, try and maintain the $100 payment if you possibly can. You will reduce your balance a lot faster and pay far less interest.

For more on Low interest credit cards, We recommend that you visit CreditCardCard.com

This is a sponsored review.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tik Tik Cash.com

Having signed up for Tik Tik Cash awhile back, I thought I'd give a report on the program. This site allows you to earn money by reading e-mails, completing offers, playing games, shopping online, etc. I started out by completing a few offers and surveys back in December. Some of those are still pending. At this point in time, my account looks like this:

Pending : $ 187.0
Approved : $ 16.37

At one time, my pending stat was above $300, lol. After realizing how long it took for my actions to be approved, I quit doing the time consuming surveys and am just reading emails now. Not much money in that but it's quick and easy. You can make a lot more money if you're willing to enter your credit card information for offers that you can cancel later, but I don't like to do that.

Anyway, if you want to check it out yourself - Tik Tik Cash.com

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Creativity and Making Money

I want to give a shout out to Rob StGeorge over at The Million Dollar Experiment Heads Down Under for his fine display of entrepreneurial spirit. After having done quite a few sponsored reviews, Rob quickly learned how time consuming it was to research the companies he was being paid to advertise. He thought to himself, "What if there was a place where the Advertisers wrote their own Sponsored Post and all you had to do was Paste it into your blog and click on the Publish Button?"


To get the full scoop on how this works or to get your blog listed, check out Rob's post here.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Recently added money makers

A big shout out to my newest blogroll members:

Jaya at Earn Money Online

Roseate at Internet Business Promotion and Opportunities

Also, check out and show some love to the new kids on the block - Active Fanatic at The Rapid Money Experiment, and Shailendra at How to Make Money Online.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Want to know about The Secret?

I was given the opportunity to do a sponsored review on The Secret. It piqued my interest because the description mentioned that it was featured on Oprah, Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres show. It also included a blurb about how everyone is talking about it. Well, never the one to be left out of the loop (I've never heard about The Secret before) I decided to surf the internet and see what the whispers were all about.

From what I've gathered, it's the latest new age philosophy on how to get everything you've ever wanted. That's right – love, health, MONEY – all yours for the taking.

Actually, it's all yours for the thinking.

According to the book's contributors, the Law of Attraction (ie. You get what you think about; You manifest your own destiny), is The Secret to a rich and fulfilling life. They claim that it's scientifically proven. You want that promotion? Visualize yourself getting it. You want to be wealthy? Keep dreaming and you'll get there. Want to be thin? Well, you get the picture.

Personally, I don't buy it. I've been visualizing a bigger bank balance since I opened the darn account and it never fails to stay about the same, lol. Oh well, I guess it can't really hurt to think positively . . . "someone reading this will make a donation to my account . . . someone will make a donation to my account . . . "

If you'd like to learn more, check out Home of The Secret.com It's a well designed site where you can purchase related items like the book or the DVD. You can also watch a trailer or read up on some of The Secret's self-proclaimed Teachers.

I'll leave you with this thought: "A life well-lived" is defined by you.

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Google and Pay Per Action Advertising

Have you heard the buzz? Google is adding pay per action to their advertising program AdWords. As the name implies, advertisers will now be able to create ad campaigns for which they will only have to pay when a user completes an activity which they specify (ie. making a purchase, completing a form, signing up for a newsletter, etc). Advertisers using this program will no longer have to worry about click fraud, and will have complete control over their advertising dollars.

As for publishers, we will have the option of displaying these ads on our sites. Similar to affiliate networks like shareasale.com, we'll be able to sort through the advertisers and select those that we'd like to promote.

Google has just begun beta testing the program. Read more about it here.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I've got a question

Say I'm surfing my blogroll or the blogosphere in general ok. If, at the end of my visit I purposefully check out the ads on the page, find one I'm interested in and click it, would you consider that click fraud? My personal opinion is, I like what I read on the site, I want to support the blog's owner, I take a minute to show it by checking out one of the ads.

What ya'll think?

BTW, shout out to my newest blogroll addition Shirlene over at If Ya Want to Make Money. Check out her site, she gives honest opinions of some of the money making programs/schemes she's personally tried.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another way to monetize your site

So since we are all about the money here, I thought I'd share this. I got an email saying my website Guide to Internet Income.com had been pre-approved at AuctionAds. "AuctionAds allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions that match the content of your website." Apparently it's a joint venture between Text Link Ads parent company MediaWhiz and ShoeMoney Media. Works the same way as the other ad servers, just place some code into your page. If you're interested - AuctionAds.com

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Search Engine

Have you heard about Megaglobe? It's a new international search engine that's about to go live, giving competition to Google and Yahoo. Has some really interesting features. You can do a Megaglobe search in 45 different languages. That in and of itself is pretty cool, but there's more.

Megaglobe claims to have technology that will help protect its advertisers from fraudulent clicks. That's great news for any advertiser and is bound to cut into the revenue of AdWords and other ad networks. What's more, the company will be accepting payments in 50 different currencies. These guys aren't messing around.

According to their forum, Megaglobe will also be offering a "search rewards" program. You are given credits for using the search engine. These credits can then be applied to advertising campaigns. What a great way to build customer loyalty.

This company is definitely going to shake up the search engine arena. For now, visiting the Megaglobe site will allow you to add your website to its index.

Looking forward to its release and the effect it will have. This is probably premature, but remember Google's IPO? For those of you who invest, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on this company.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mike Filsaime's The Resource Report

I came across this report and thought I'd share it with ya'll. I didn't find much use for it myself but that's just me. I'm lazy, lol. Mike Filsaime's touted as THE internet marketing master and reportedly is making millions online. Guess you can't argue with success. Anyways if you're interested in the tools he uses - Click here. It's free by the way. It pretty much has to be if I'm gonna take a look at it, lol.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another source of revenue

As I previously mentioned, having more hits to Guide to Internet Income.com has resulted in a small increase in ad revenue. That being the case, I searched for other sources and came across another ad server, Dclick Ads, that I'm considering joining.

Similar to AdSense, TextLinkAds and AdBrite, Dclick Ads allows you to make money from your site by placing banner ads, text link ads, or embedded links into your webpages. You can also set your own pricing - per week, per month or per click. You get paid via PayPal 30 days after the ad has run its course. That seems a bit lengthy to me.

If anyone uses Dclick Ads or has any opinions of it, feel free to post them so we can all benefit. Or if you have other ad servers you are using that you recommend, feel free to pass them on.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Busy busy busy

I have been so busy my poor blog is being neglected. Let's see, what's new? I joined a new traffic exchange and am getting alot of hits from it. It's called Traffic Syndicate 25. I'm not quite sure how it works but credits build up fast because you earn them from the people below you. You don't even have to get your own referrals. Your downline is built for you. Pretty cool.

Since I'm getting more traffic to Guide to Internet Income.com, my ad revenue has picked up a bit. I need to get over there and update some pages, add the resources that I've found. Yikes, one more thing to do!

Well this is kind of a hit and run post but as the title says - busy, busy, busy. You all have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Article Databases

Lance Brown from Home Business Success Tips left a comment on my previous post. It contained a great resource for article directories and I wanted to bring it to the forefront so you all could benefit as well. Thanks Lance, great find!

Index of Lists - Sites to Submit Your Free Articles

I'm in the process of writing another article as I'm a firm believer in this method of gaining traffic. It's really worked for me.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Traffic update

If you were wondering if writing articles to gain traffic was worthwhile, I can tell you from experience that the answer is a definite yes. Approximately 20% of my current pageviews at Guide to Internet Income.com are referrals from Ezine articles. Since it worked so well, over the weekend, I submitted my articles to GoArticles and Amazines, and I'll probably submit to more article directories in the future. I'm distracted from my online endeavors at the moment as my real world job has me busy (my apologies to all of you that have sent in submission requests, I'll get to you, I promise!) but it has never been more apparent that making money online is neither quick nor easy.

If any of you can recommend article directories, please post them here. Thanks!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Article Marketing & Traffic

After some success with traffic exchanges - ClickPirate, Traffic Swarm, and Blog Mad, I decided to try gaining more traffic to my website through writing articles. I submitted my first article yesterday and lo and behold, I got approval for distribution today! Not only did I get approved, I also got "Expert author status." Lol, don't ask me how they determine who gets that title because I have absolutely no idea but I'm pleased as punch. They gave me this cute little button too.

As Featured On Ezine Articles

If you're interested, the title of my article is "Making Money Online" and you can read it by clicking here. I hope to gain some much needed traffic through publishing some articles because the traffic exchanges are time consuming. We'll see how it works out.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thinking of Buildiing a Website?

Hello everyone. I'm an affiliate with Yahoo and got an email about this promo they're having that you might wanna check out if you're considering building a website. 35% off all Web Hosting for the 1st 2 months, which works out to only $7.77/mo, all set up fees are waived. It's going on through March 31st and is only available to customers through the affiliate channel and paid search channels. If you do sign up, I'd be interested in hearing what domain you chose.

Building a website is challenging but it can be financially rewarding in the long run. Good luck!

Yahoo! Small Business

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Low risk vs High risk merchants

I’ve been doing a lot of surfing and searching for all things related to making money online. I’ve come across a mind-blowing amount of information and one thing always seems to lead to another.

If you’re going to do business online, you’ll need a method of processing payments. I was sent a link to Advantage Processors and thought I’d check it out. I surf over to the website and start reading the copy. Advantage Processors provides credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants. I had never heard of those terms before. Some of the high risk merchants they list are gaming sites, adult sites, dating agencies, etc. Whew, guess I’d fall into the low risk category, lol. Anyway, I don’t need Advantage Processors services as I have a Paypal account so if I were ever to receive a payment (or donation, hint, hint), I’d be covered. But it was nice to learn something new.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


In my quest to make money online, I’ve just signed up with Blogsvertise. What is Blogsvertise? Well your first clue is in the name itself. If you combine the words ‘Blogs’ and ‘Advertise,’ you have “Blogsvertise.” How do you make money with it? You receive assignments from the company and once completed, you get paid. There are certain rules you have to abide by which you can learn more about by clicking here.

It's probably obvious, but my first assignment (and yours too if you sign up) is to write about Blogsvertise, lol. This assignment is unpaid and not mandatory but it gets you in the mindset for what's to come. We'll see how it all works out.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Google Adwords Made Easy

Hi everyone, just added this great ebook to the free resources listed on Guide to Internet Income.com and wanted to share it with my readers. Unlike a lot of ebooks you'll run into that are full of fluff and hot air, this one is very useful. The author is an expert in pay per click and search engine optimization (SEO). He does promote the use of a software program that he created, but it isn't the focus of the information conveyed. You will gain a lot of insight into internet marketing.

If you're interested, you can download it here.

Come back after you've read it and share your thoughts. Cheers!