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Article Databases

Lance Brown from Home Business Success Tips left a comment on my previous post. It contained a great resource for article directories and I wanted to bring it to the forefront so you all could benefit as well. Thanks Lance, great find!

Index of Lists - Sites to Submit Your Free Articles

I'm in the process of writing another article as I'm a firm believer in this method of gaining traffic. It's really worked for me.

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Traffic update

If you were wondering if writing articles to gain traffic was worthwhile, I can tell you from experience that the answer is a definite yes. Approximately 20% of my current pageviews at Guide to Internet are referrals from Ezine articles. Since it worked so well, over the weekend, I submitted my articles to GoArticles and Amazines, and I'll probably submit to more article directories in the future. I'm distracted from my online endeavors at the moment as my real world job has me busy (my apologies to all of you that have sent in submission requests, I'll get to you, I promise!) but it has never been more apparent that making money online is neither quick nor easy.

If any of you can recommend article directories, please post them here. Thanks!

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Article Marketing & Traffic

After some success with traffic exchanges - ClickPirate, Traffic Swarm, and Blog Mad, I decided to try gaining more traffic to my website through writing articles. I submitted my first article yesterday and lo and behold, I got approval for distribution today! Not only did I get approved, I also got "Expert author status." Lol, don't ask me how they determine who gets that title because I have absolutely no idea but I'm pleased as punch. They gave me this cute little button too.

If you're interested, the title of my article is "Making Money Online" and you can read it by clicking here. I hope to gain some much needed traffic through publishing some articles because the traffic exchanges are time consuming. We'll see how it works out.

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Thinking of Buildiing a Website?

Hello everyone. I'm an affiliate with Yahoo and got an email about this promo they're having that you might wanna check out if you're considering building a website. 35% off all Web Hosting for the 1st 2 months, which works out to only $7.77/mo, all set up fees are waived. It's going on through March 31st and is only available to customers through the affiliate channel and paid search channels. If you do sign up, I'd be interested in hearing what domain you chose.

Building a website is challenging but it can be financially rewarding in the long run. Good luck!

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Low risk vs High risk merchants

I’ve been doing a lot of surfing and searching for all things related to making money online. I’ve come across a mind-blowing amount of information and one thing always seems to lead to another.

If you’re going to do business online, you’ll need a method of processing payments. I was sent a link to Advantage Processors and thought I’d check it out. I surf over to the website and start reading the copy. Advantage Processors provides credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants. I had never heard of those terms before. Some of the high risk merchants they list are gaming sites, adult sites, dating agencies, etc. Whew, guess I’d fall into the low risk category, lol. Anyway, I don’t need Advantage Processors services as I have a Paypal account so if I were ever to receive a payment (or donation, hint, hint), I’d be covered. But it was nice to learn something new.

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In my quest to make money online, I’ve just signed up with Blogsvertise. What is Blogsvertise? Well your first clue is in the name itself. If you combine the words ‘Blogs’ and ‘Advertise,’ you have “Blogsvertise.” How do you make money with it? You receive assignments from the company and once completed, you get paid. There are certain rules you have to abide by which you can learn more about by clicking here.

It's probably obvious, but my first assignment (and yours too if you sign up) is to write about Blogsvertise, lol. This assignment is unpaid and not mandatory but it gets you in the mindset for what's to come. We'll see how it all works out.


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Google Adwords Made Easy

Hi everyone, just added this great ebook to the free resources listed on Guide to Internet and wanted to share it with my readers. Unlike a lot of ebooks you'll run into that are full of fluff and hot air, this one is very useful. The author is an expert in pay per click and search engine optimization (SEO). He does promote the use of a software program that he created, but it isn't the focus of the information conveyed. You will gain a lot of insight into internet marketing.

If you're interested, you can download it here.

Come back after you've read it and share your thoughts. Cheers!