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Recently added money makers

A big shout out to my newest blogroll members:

Jaya at Earn Money Online

Roseate at Internet Business Promotion and Opportunities

Also, check out and show some love to the new kids on the block - Active Fanatic at The Rapid Money Experiment, and Shailendra at How to Make Money Online.

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Want to know about The Secret?

I was given the opportunity to do a sponsored review on The Secret. It piqued my interest because the description mentioned that it was featured on Oprah, Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres show. It also included a blurb about how everyone is talking about it. Well, never the one to be left out of the loop (I've never heard about The Secret before) I decided to surf the internet and see what the whispers were all about.

From what I've gathered, it's the latest new age philosophy on how to get everything you've ever wanted. That's right – love, health, MONEY – all yours for the taking.

Actually, it's all yours for the thinking.

According to the book's contributors, the Law of Attraction (ie. You get what you think about; You manifest your own destiny), is The Secret to a rich and fulfilling life. They claim that it's scientifically proven. You want that promotion? Visualize yourself getting it. You want to be wealthy? Keep dreaming and you'…

Google and Pay Per Action Advertising

Have you heard the buzz? Google is adding pay per action to their advertising program AdWords. As the name implies, advertisers will now be able to create ad campaigns for which they will only have to pay when a user completes an activity which they specify (ie. making a purchase, completing a form, signing up for a newsletter, etc). Advertisers using this program will no longer have to worry about click fraud, and will have complete control over their advertising dollars.

As for publishers, we will have the option of displaying these ads on our sites. Similar to affiliate networks like, we'll be able to sort through the advertisers and select those that we'd like to promote.

Google has just begun beta testing the program. Read more about it here.

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I've got a question

Say I'm surfing my blogroll or the blogosphere in general ok. If, at the end of my visit I purposefully check out the ads on the page, find one I'm interested in and click it, would you consider that click fraud? My personal opinion is, I like what I read on the site, I want to support the blog's owner, I take a minute to show it by checking out one of the ads.

What ya'll think?

BTW, shout out to my newest blogroll addition Shirlene over at If Ya Want to Make Money. Check out her site, she gives honest opinions of some of the money making programs/schemes she's personally tried.

Another way to monetize your site

So since we are all about the money here, I thought I'd share this. I got an email saying my website Guide to Internet had been pre-approved at AuctionAds. "AuctionAds allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions that match the content of your website." Apparently it's a joint venture between Text Link Ads parent company MediaWhiz and ShoeMoney Media. Works the same way as the other ad servers, just place some code into your page. If you're interested -

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New Search Engine

Have you heard about Megaglobe? It's a new international search engine that's about to go live, giving competition to Google and Yahoo. Has some really interesting features. You can do a Megaglobe search in 45 different languages. That in and of itself is pretty cool, but there's more.

Megaglobe claims to have technology that will help protect its advertisers from fraudulent clicks. That's great news for any advertiser and is bound to cut into the revenue of AdWords and other ad networks. What's more, the company will be accepting payments in 50 different currencies. These guys aren't messing around.

According to their forum, Megaglobe will also be offering a "search rewards" program. You are given credits for using the search engine. These credits can then be applied to advertising campaigns. What a great way to build customer loyalty.

This company is definitely going to shake up the search engine arena. For now, visiting the Megaglobe site …

Mike Filsaime's The Resource Report

I came across this report and thought I'd share it with ya'll. I didn't find much use for it myself but that's just me. I'm lazy, lol. Mike Filsaime's touted as THE internet marketing master and reportedly is making millions online. Guess you can't argue with success. Anyways if you're interested in the tools he uses - Click here. It's free by the way. It pretty much has to be if I'm gonna take a look at it, lol.

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Another source of revenue

As I previously mentioned, having more hits to Guide to Internet has resulted in a small increase in ad revenue. That being the case, I searched for other sources and came across another ad server, Dclick Ads, that I'm considering joining.

Similar to AdSense, TextLinkAds and AdBrite, Dclick Ads allows you to make money from your site by placing banner ads, text link ads, or embedded links into your webpages. You can also set your own pricing - per week, per month or per click. You get paid via PayPal 30 days after the ad has run its course. That seems a bit lengthy to me.

If anyone uses Dclick Ads or has any opinions of it, feel free to post them so we can all benefit. Or if you have other ad servers you are using that you recommend, feel free to pass them on.

Have a great day!

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