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Happy Halloween!

Well it looks like I'm not going to make my deadline afterall. This new job's taking up a lot of time that I normally have to work on my site. Then of all things, I got called in for jury duty, lol. It's a conspiracy I tell ya.

Trick or treat everybody!


Added an Amazon store to my site. It'll be interesting to see how it fares.

Still have a couple of pages that I have to write introductions for. Development has slowed down since I've now started training for the job I recently got and have to divvy up my time among that, my site, this blog, and my offline life. Plus, Blog Soldiers is having a contest so I try to surf while I work on my site and of course, that slows me down.

But hey, it's Friday and it's all good.

BTW, added a new friend to my blog network. Check him out. Always down for a link exchange.

Everybody have a great weekend! affiliate

I got approved to be an affiliate for my new website. Books work well with the content of my site so I'm hoping that that will generate some income. My site is far from completed, but I read somewhere that you shouldn't wait to publish it - don't ask me the reasoning because I don't remember. It really doesn't hurt that my site is imperfect at the moment because I don't have any traffic anyway, lol. Going to wait until I'm satisfied with the basics of it before I do any kind of promotion.

Moving right along and on track to be done by the end of this month.

Domain Parking

Anybody out there know much about domain parking? A fellow blogger left a comment below wondering what he could do to get traffic to his parked domains. I had read somewhere that traffic to parked sites were the result of typed in urls.

Anybody have any tips or knowledge to share?

Anybody want to lend a helping hand?

I just uploaded my webpages. They looked beautiful on my son's computer but when I went to view them on my laptop, they were all messed up, lol! I lost some of my formatting, had to scroll sideways to see the whole page . . . so not what I wanted. I guess I have more tweaking to do.

Anybody out there know offhand - is there a code that will make the page fit no matter what screen size or resolution the user uses? Or are there standard measurements?

I may end up having to buy another book. Maybe I just should have let someone that knows what they're doing design it for me. Guess that's always an option.


Web hosting

Well I signed up with Yahoo! to have my site hosted. Didn't bother looking around for other hosts. There are probably cheaper ones out there but I didn't want to go hunting them down. Besides, Yahoo's a big company and I don't anticipate having too many issues with their servers being down and stuff.

Decided to take the rollover effects off my navigation button. They were pretty and all, and maybe I'll try to re-insert them at a later date, but trying to get them to work was taking too much time. And since I've now started training for my other position, I can't devote as much time to developing my site.

I also decided to buy the .net domain for my site. For $10 a year, it's a cheap investment.

I'm so bummed

Was working on my website last night and my computer locked up. Didn't get back to it until this morning and now I find that my nav bar isn't working and my template's jacked up. Tried to fix it this morning but I can't seem to figure it out. Something's wrong with the javascript and since I'm learning all this on the fly, I'm having a heck of a time finding the broken code.

So I'm a little discouraged right now. I need a break. Think I'll go for a drive.

You all have a nice day.

Added a Blogroll

Thanks to Mike and Martin for being the first on my blog network. Visit their sites for more ideas on making money from the internet.

Website update

I managed to get a lot done on my website over the weekend. I'm finally happy with the template and got the rollover effects on my navigation bar working. Have started adding content and it's very time consuming. Still shooting for the end of this month for completion.

On another note, this blog has gotten more traffic since I signed up with Blog Soldiers. I haven't come across too many blogs that are similar in content to mine while I've been surfing with them but the ones that I do, I'll comment and hopefully be able to exchange links with.

Blog Soldiers

I came across this ad on another site for Blog Soldiers.

It's a way to get traffic to your site. And let's face it, no traffic means no profit. So I signed up. I have to admit that I did see a jump in my page views. No change to my bottom line, but more eyeballs. Hey you out there, stop and say hello.

If any "surfers" have blogs or sites about making money and want to exchange links, email me or comment. Thanks!

The Wonders of the Internet

About a month ago, I realized we needed a second income. I have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing but have been out of the rat race for over 10 years. Well, I worked awhile doing laser treatments last year, but anyway. I went online to craigslist and checked the jobs under the medical section. One caught my eye - "medical records reviewer . . . . after training will work from home." How perfect would that be? So I hit the 'reply to' link, wrote up a little cover letter, attached my resume and hit 'send.' About an half an hour later, I got a message in my inbox with contact information and a request to call to talk about the job. So I did and the next thing I know, the lady is asking if I'd like to come in and meet the staff. What?! Did I just get a job offer?

So I go into the office and meet with this lady a few days later and she says, "Welcome aboard," shows me around and introduces me to the staff. I just got a call from the perso…

Trudging along

Still working on my template. For some reason, my nav buttons disappear when I preview the page in a browser. I think it has something to do with Explorer not liking java scripts. Hope I can figure it out because I really like the nav bar. It's got rollover effects and drop down menus. More importantly, it frees up my left and right columns for ads.

Working on it every day. I think it'll be good once it's all finished. From the looks of things, that could be a while from now, lol.

The Making of an Internet Entrepreneur

Since I've narrowed my income producing method to one particular endeavor, I've decided to rename my blog. Better describes what I'll probably be blogging about for now.

Still working on my webpage template. Added a navigation bar with cool little rollover effects and drop down menus. Took me the better part of this morning to get it done, and I'm not even sure it'll work right since there are javascripts involved, but time will tell.

Think I'll go play some poker.

TTFN (ta ta for now, lol)

Building a site from scratch

Teaching myself webpage design - hypertext markup language, cascading style sheets, java scripts, etc, all the things you have to know to create a website. It hasn't been easy and I've had to start over a number of times, but I've managed to create a template for the basic layout of my site. I'm sure I'll have to tweak it once I start adding content but it's a step forward.

Whoever said making money online was easy must have hired this stuff out. It's tough!

Another avenue

I added the Google search bar today. It's another way to monetize your site. I think the way it works is, if you use it to search from my site and then click on one of the featured ads in the search results, I get a little sumthin sumthin. Go ahead and try it!

Oh and thanks for your support, lol.

Building a Website

So I'm trying to build a website. It's very difficult and I wish I had the money to just hire someone to do it for me. It doesn't need to be fancy or anything, just basic and clean. Anyone out there in the biz looking for work? I can pay you from my AdSense account which is up to a whopping two dollars, lol. It might be more if I worked on getting traffic, but this other site has most of my attention now. Obviously, the Rich Jerk Walkthrough is on hold for now.

Just a little frustrated

So over the weekend, I decided to upgrade to Blogger beta because it's supposed to have added features which make tweaking your webpage easier - not. I lost all the links in my sidebar, lost my guestbook, even initially lost my AdSense ads. I have to re-do all of them and I am not a happy camper.

On a brighter note, I've come up with an idea for a website that I'm really excited about. I've purchased the domain name, brainstormed content and am now thinking about site layout. I think I might just go out and buy a book, will save me countless hours of surfing the net for info.