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New blog site

Well I finally did it! I signed up at and am moving this blog to its own domain. The site is called "Guides to Internet Income" and this blog will be continued there. Just click here to follow me over.

My plan is to make the site a place where you can get all the information you could ever need to make money online. There will be free 'how to guides' on setting up your own websites to step-by-step guides on list building and ways to get traffic.

My goal is to make it easier for internet entrepreneurs to get up, get running and start making money as soon as possible. Wish me luck :-)

- Maria

Learning never ends

In order to get a money making website online, you have to either know HTML or hire someone to create a site for you. Since I am attempting to do this on my own, the learning curve for me is very steep. I don't mind, though, because once this baby's up and running, I can say - I did it my way!

Went out and bought a book to learn how to create scripts. It's not as hard as you would imagine, even if you have no coding experience (which I do not, lol).

At the end of the day, you get out of it what you put into it.

Have a great one!

PS. I keep saying this, but I really am going to move this blog to its own site. That way, I can start putting affiliate links into the text and maybe earn some pocket change from my rants.

Delays, delays, delays

Have had to put this project on the back burner recently because real life beckons. Had to take my 16 year old to take her driver's license test this morning and I am proud to say, not only did she pass, she passed with a perfect score! She's such a rock star, lol.

Still reading, reading, reading. Learning tidbits here and there, but there is also a lot of fluff. I'm thinking that since I have all this info, and since I plan on reading each one, I think I'll make Guide to Internet Income a review site. I can review some of the ebooks I've collected and either recommend them or give reasons why I would avoid spending the money. The benefit to you is that you save time and money.

Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Now I've got to figure out how to format my site.

- Maria