This blog is outta here :-)

Since having your blog on your own domain opens up a lot more opportunities for a blogger to make money, I figured it was high time I make the switch. I've been getting some great ideas from the Affiliate Project X ebook and I'm excited to put the info to use. There's a lot of work ahead of me as I'm going to have to re-vamp my website and re-establish my blog's page rank but I'm glad to have finally found a direction. Now if I can just manage to stay focused . . .

Come visit and exchange links with me at my blog's new home - Guides to Internet

BTW, I still plan on posting that review on Affiliate Project X. Stay tuned.


Iliana said…
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Name : Soleh said…
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Sammy said…
Hi, do any of you bloggers know anything about the viral widget called BlogRush. Apparantly it was just launched yesterday.

I found it here in the top of the right column at this Ning site.

It's supposed to give you reciprical traffic based on reading the content of your page like Adsense does (but it doesn't pay anything, just gives free traffic).

It says you actually get like 10x or more traffic back, due to some exponential growth aspect of it. (multi tier affiliate based on who signs under you?)

Does this kind of thing really work? I wouldn't say no to free traffic.
Anonymous said…
Hi Maria,

How and where did you get the "Donate" link to your paypal acct on your blog?

I have been looking around but have not been able to find it.

Im at:


Johnny said…
Hey there. I really dig your blog. Here is another way to earn on the internet that you haven't mentioned. It's a social networking site like Myspace and Facebook but it shares part of its ad revenue with the users. And its 100% FREE to sign up.

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Anonymous said…
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tiffanyhalls said…
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Jeff said…
Hi there, Search engine don't prefer affiliate websites. This does not mean that you can not reach and boost up your website into search engine top rankings. What I think that affiliate marketing need more promotion and link building process than the normal merchant website.
Jeff said…
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