Traffic update

If you were wondering if writing articles to gain traffic was worthwhile, I can tell you from experience that the answer is a definite yes. Approximately 20% of my current pageviews at Guide to Internet are referrals from Ezine articles. Since it worked so well, over the weekend, I submitted my articles to GoArticles and Amazines, and I'll probably submit to more article directories in the future. I'm distracted from my online endeavors at the moment as my real world job has me busy (my apologies to all of you that have sent in submission requests, I'll get to you, I promise!) but it has never been more apparent that making money online is neither quick nor easy.

If any of you can recommend article directories, please post them here. Thanks!

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Anonymous said…
Nice update on your profile. Great look. You smile better in your previous photo.
Lance Brown said…
I am experiencing the same thing with articles.I have been going crazy this week just submitting to article sites.This morning I had 400 hits on my main gateway and I am not sure where they came from.I can only guess it is the article viral thing hapenning.Here is a directory I found

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