If you blog it, will they come?

I recently came across a paid opportunity to review an article entitled "27 + 1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience." Since many of my readers have blogs themselves, I jumped at the chance. The article was written and posted by Jarrod Hunt on the Sponsored Reviews.com blog. He divides the tips into general categories then goes into detail about each one. It's a long article, but well worth the read. I'll condense it for you here by highlighting the main points, but to do the article justice, you simply must check it out for yourself. If you're a blogger, you'll be glad you took the time to surf over and read it.

Jarrod's first category is titled The Fundamentals. The tips listed are: 1) Consider Your Niche. 2) Be Original. 3) Don't Forget the Design. 4) Choose the Right Platform for your Blog. 5) Choose the Right Domain Name for your Blog.

Category number two is titled Building Your Audience. 13 tips make up this section and include: 1) Consistency is Key. 2) Picking the Right Topics. 3) Interaction is Important. 4) Master the Art of Tagging. 5) Offer Digg This and Other Social Bookmarking Options. 6) Digg Yourself – But Do It Wisely. 7) Incorporate Basic SEO Principles. 8) Don't Forget Your Grammar. 9) Become a Reliable Resource. 10) Stay Informed. 11) Use an RSS Feed. 12) Find the Right Balance in Post Length [ I am trying to keep a rein on this one ;-) ]. 13) Promote Yourself Using Sponsored Reviews.

Last category Jarrod writes about is Keeping Your Audience. After all the effort you put into getting readers, you'll want to take special note of these last 10 tips: 1) Avoid Gimmicks. 2) Use Trackbacks. 3) Post Items and Lists that Actually Help Your Audience [like I'm doing now, lol]. 4) Reach Out to Your Readers. 5) Listen to Your Audience. 6) Stay Topical and Timeless. 7) Watch Out for Growing Pains. 8) Interview Industry Leaders. 9) Stay on Top of Blogging Trends and New Techniques. 10) Avoid Alienation.

Whew, what a fantastic list! Like I said, you really must read the article itself to get the meat of his post. He also invites you to comment and add your own tips as well. Several bloggers have done just that, adding more value to an already incredibly useful article. In my opinion, it should be required reading for any beginning blogger - Great job Jarrod!

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