An alternative to Google's NonSense

Well since I got the boot from AdSense, I'm on the hunt for another way to monetize my blog and website. I came across an ad network called Kontera and their product is called ContentLink.

Like other forms of contextual advertising, Kontera's software is able to crawl the pages of your site and deliver ads that should be of interest to your readers. These ads show up on your site as in line text that is double underlined. When a reader mouses over these keywords, the ad appears.

Kontera does have some qualifying requirements which your blog or website must meet in order to be accepted as a publisher. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I can't meet the minimum 250,000 page impressions per month at this time. Not sure how strict they are on this, as I have come across other bloggers who put their applications in without meeting this requirement and have still been approved.

Guess for now, I'll stick with AdBrite.


Harmony said…
Hi Maria,
You could try
Problogger readers get $5.00 free on sign-up. You can read his post here:
rob stgeorge said…
Hi Maris, bummer about the AdSense - I hope you find something that works as well or better for you. By the way I have tagged you!
Maria said…
Thanks Harmony for the tip. And thanks Rob for the tag!

- Maria
rose said…
Good alternative for Adsense is PeakClick. Want some reasons to join, here are just a few: Sign up is free, Extremely easy to set up and implement, Real time statistics, One of the highest pay out rates in the industry (70%), One of the top affiliate programs (earn commissions on 3 separate sales levels), Get paid every 15 days, High quality customer service and technical support.
Jeff said…
That's nice one information. But why you blog is redirecting to another parked website which is not hosted on the server so yet.

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