Another source of revenue

As I previously mentioned, having more hits to Guide to Internet has resulted in a small increase in ad revenue. That being the case, I searched for other sources and came across another ad server, Dclick Ads, that I'm considering joining.

Similar to AdSense, TextLinkAds and AdBrite, Dclick Ads allows you to make money from your site by placing banner ads, text link ads, or embedded links into your webpages. You can also set your own pricing - per week, per month or per click. You get paid via PayPal 30 days after the ad has run its course. That seems a bit lengthy to me.

If anyone uses Dclick Ads or has any opinions of it, feel free to post them so we can all benefit. Or if you have other ad servers you are using that you recommend, feel free to pass them on.

Have a great day!

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Edward said…
Thanks for the link ! I have linked back to your blog


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