The Wonders of the Internet

About a month ago, I realized we needed a second income. I have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing but have been out of the rat race for over 10 years. Well, I worked awhile doing laser treatments last year, but anyway. I went online to craigslist and checked the jobs under the medical section. One caught my eye - "medical records reviewer . . . . after training will work from home." How perfect would that be? So I hit the 'reply to' link, wrote up a little cover letter, attached my resume and hit 'send.' About an half an hour later, I got a message in my inbox with contact information and a request to call to talk about the job. So I did and the next thing I know, the lady is asking if I'd like to come in and meet the staff. What?! Did I just get a job offer?

So I go into the office and meet with this lady a few days later and she says, "Welcome aboard," shows me around and introduces me to the staff. I just got a call from the person who is going to train me. I start next week!

On another note, the development of my website is moving along. Finally able to move from the structure to the content of the site. My goal is to have it completed and ready to upload by the end of this month. You all will have to visit when it's done :-)


Mike said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, I'm willing to trade links.

I'll enter your link in a moment on mine:

My exchange: Mike's Money Making Mission

Any other ideas that may be to our mutual benefit please let me know.

Best wishes,
MissM25 said…
Thanks Mike, I'll keep in touch.

- Maria

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