I got approved to be an affiliate for my new website. Books work well with the content of my site so I'm hoping that that will generate some income. My site is far from completed, but I read somewhere that you shouldn't wait to publish it - don't ask me the reasoning because I don't remember. It really doesn't hurt that my site is imperfect at the moment because I don't have any traffic anyway, lol. Going to wait until I'm satisfied with the basics of it before I do any kind of promotion.

Moving right along and on track to be done by the end of this month.



as you know, link exchange is a great way to build traffic :P

If you want to swap links, let me know!

I will keep tabs on your site and see how it emerges.

Good luck!
MissM25 said…
Thank you for the comment. Would love to exchange links. The more the merrier, lol.

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