Added an Amazon store to my site. It'll be interesting to see how it fares.

Still have a couple of pages that I have to write introductions for. Development has slowed down since I've now started training for the job I recently got and have to divvy up my time among that, my site, this blog, and my offline life. Plus, Blog Soldiers is having a contest so I try to surf while I work on my site and of course, that slows me down.

But hey, it's Friday and it's all good.

BTW, added a new friend to my blog network. Check him out. Always down for a link exchange.

Everybody have a great weekend!


BrettBum said…
Hey MissM25

I was surfing through Blogsoldiers and stopped in to say hello.

First, I wanted to check and see if you were blogging for cash with PayPerPost or Blogitive.

They both match you up with sponsors looking for bloggers to write individual articles.

Second, I wanted to offer up a reciprocal link to my blog Maven Mapper's Information. Plus, if you join in with PPP, you can sign up for the Blogroll there that will link you to several dozen blogs right away!

Third, Save the best for last right! I wasn't having much luck with Amazon associates, and I skipped aStore and tried something different. Again, you can check it out at Maven Mapper's information, I wrote about it today there. Setting up an actual ecommerce store, and picking your own niche products, setting your own prices, margins etc. might be more rewarding for you.

Thanks and best regards!

ps if you sign up for PayPerPost and provide my email address I'll get a $5 referral. No biggy if you forget, I can always use $5 but I'd like to see you join in there if your interested even more.

One thing about the requirements, your blog has to be 90 days old for PPP, no time requirement on Blogitive. Yours is very close, so make sure you post every week to meet the eligibility requirements. ;)

I've made over $1k there in my spare time in the last few months.
MissM25 said…
Thanks Brett. Link exchange would be great!

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