Web hosting

Well I signed up with Yahoo! to have my site hosted. Didn't bother looking around for other hosts. There are probably cheaper ones out there but I didn't want to go hunting them down. Besides, Yahoo's a big company and I don't anticipate having too many issues with their servers being down and stuff.

Decided to take the rollover effects off my navigation button. They were pretty and all, and maybe I'll try to re-insert them at a later date, but trying to get them to work was taking too much time. And since I've now started training for my other position, I can't devote as much time to developing my site.

I also decided to buy the .net domain for my site. For $10 a year, it's a cheap investment.


angelchen said…
Well, I don't like yahoo that much since I have a negative experience with registering domain on it, after I register domain I realized that I can't disable the auto renew... For hosting I recommend cirtex, for just 2.00 a month you'll get 5000 MB Storage
100 GB Bandwidth
5 Email / FTP Accounts
and excellent services, it's better than yahoo if you don't need tons of traffic.

Anyways do u know domain parking? I parked some domain but with no traffics, do you know how to park domains effectively?
MissM25 said…
I would assume that success with domain parking would be highly dependent on the name itself since most users who arrive there will have typed in the url. Just a guess.

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