And the winner is . . . Clickbank!

After checking out the top four affiliate networks that RJ recommended, I ended up signing on with only one. Clickbank was the easiest to sign up for and also seemed to match my site content the best. Commission Junction, BeFree and Linkshare seemed to have more commercial and brand name companies who just wouldn't fare well on my little website (and if they don't fare well, I make no money). I mean, c'mon, even if I had those cute little swish logos plastered on my page, no one visiting my site is going to buy Nike shoes from me, lol.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is:

Keep in mind your site content when choosing your affiliate network and programs.

Now that's my own advice there. In the Rich Jerk, RJ says to just find the top paying programs from each affiliate network and join those that convert the best. That to me seems like a waste of time because like I said, no one visiting a site about making money on the internet is going to click a Home Depot link (one of the featured advertisers on Commission Junction). And if your visitors don't click, you don't make a dime.

So that takes care of Chapter 1A. Relatively easy and painless. But am I making money yet? Nope! LOL.

Next up in the Rich Jerk Walkthrough series - Sales Letters


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