AdSense on your site, but you can't click?

So I'm all excited about getting approved for AdSense. I'm checking out the little box of ads Google has placed on my site and find some links that I'm interested in. Like one called, "Building a Blogging Empire For Profit." Since profit is exactly what I'm after, naturally, I want to visit the site. The irony of it all is - it's against AdSense rules for me to click on that ad. I think that's hilarious. I mean I understand the reasoning behind it, but I find it funny nevertheless (didn't I tell you I was a little off-center).

So I have to open a new window and navigate to the site to discover that it's an ebook selling for $19.95, not bad, but I want to make money, not spend it, lol. Probably a negligible cost if it saves time but since I'm a stay-at-home mom with teenage kids, time I've got. It's money I need, lol.

If you want to check it out Click here


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