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I have been using my 4g wireless internet to make some extra money. I have always liked to shop on Ebay and have found some really cool things, but I got inspired last month to start selling on Ebay. My sister, who knows how much I love it, gave me a “Ebay for Dummies” book. I chuckled when she gave it to me because I know everything about buying things on Ebay, so I thought that it was kind of a gag gift. She said, “no silly, its for you to learn how to sell things on Ebay!” I had never really thought about selling things on there. I decided to read the book because I could use a little extra money. It was a quick read, with nothing to do over the holidays, I got through it in two days. Then, I started poking around the house, looking for things to sell. Once I got started and made my first few bucks, I was hooked. So in the last three weeks, just selling clothes that I don’t wear anymore, I have made five hundred dollars! It is really so easy, I should have been selling things on Ebay a long time ago!


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