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Just a few more pages to add to my website. It's soooo slow going as I am now 'employed' but I am determined to get it done. Signed up with Commission Junction. I was surprised that I was accepted immediately. I guess I just figured they'd want to review the site before they take you on, like Google does when you sign up for AdSense, but nope, got my password in my email box within a few minutes of hitting the 'apply' button. Took a quick peek at the advertisers there. There are a lot to choose from. Should be good.

I hope you all are doing well. If anybody out there is venturing into making money online and would like to exchange links, comment!


Yan Sniim said…
Very interesting blog. I have a blog on a similar theme. Mind exchanging links with me?! If yes, leave a comment at


Anonymous said…
I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me.

My new blog (http://craigwstewart-quest.blogspot.com) follows my quest to achieve my life’s goal of success and wealth as a young entrepreneur.

My blog is new so I fully understand if you are not interested in exchanging links at this time. However, hopefully you will see my blogs potential.

If you are interested then email me at craigstewart.blog@gmail.com with the subject “Quest Link Exchange”.




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