Anybody else have a problem with this?

So I'm checking out various programs to join to monetize my website - Text Link Ads, Linkshare, AdBrite, etc.. All these sites require your social security number. Ummm, I understand why - the government wants their piece of the pie, but my little lock icon that tells me the site's secure doesn't show up on some of these sites. Anybody else have a problem with this? I'm a bit paranoid about putting my SSN out there. I did it for Commission Junction but I was not happy about it. Stupid thing is, when you sign up, with CJ, they email you a tax form that you have to fill out, sign and mail/fax to them anyway, so what's the point of asking up front?

Does anyone know, is there a way to see if a site is secure before inputting info?


Edmond said…
Yes, I have a big problem giving my social security #, that's why I always give them my old bosses #.
Yan Sniim said…
lol.. edmond! Thnx for your nice comment miss M. I have already linked back to you.

Fortunately for me. I do not have a SSN! :D
Anonymous said…
I've got a huuuuge problem with giving out my SSN. I know two people who had their identity stolen and it was a mess to say the least. One of the thieves was arrested for murder and he had my friends SSN, address, etc., so it cost my friend thousands of dollars to straighten everything out, not to mention he was about to be deported!
rob stgeorge said…
I am lucky enough not to have a SSN, doesnt sound like I am missing much.

btw when do we get to see your new website! - the suspense is killing me.

Rhys said…
The easiest way is to look for "the golden padlock" (located in the status bar, there's one for this comment box). Double click to check the information about the site, then make a judgement.

For example, if you click on this one here you see that the security certificate comes from Google Inc. (a fact we know is true as Google owns Blogger). If you're happy, then use this method.

Also, Adbrite I know give out a number. Ring them and question why they need your SSN.
Lex Luthor said…
If you want to recip links, that helps. lets BlogRoll

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