Google AdSense

Okay, this is just hilarious. I actually got one of those dreaded, "It has come to our attention that invalid clicks or impressions have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s)." Why do I find this so funny?


Yep, my account has remained at $4.59 pretty much since I started this blog, lol. I'm beginning to wonder if they send that email to everyone after a couple of months as a scare tactic, lol.

On another note, things are slowing down at my real world job so I'll be able to spend time on my website. Seems there's always something to add.


Lex Luthor said…
AdSense is senseless. Everyone has it. It is clutter. If you want ads, just get some banners. I personally will just rattle the collection plate. LOL
Mike said…
I think a lot of people get warnings. Mine was about using hit exchanges.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the link. Your back link is also now active at my weblog

I also have that adsense thing. I count figure out which site or web they are refering to.
Dave Dragon said…
I got the warning and the next day the ads stopped rotating.
AdSenseless kept the $$ generated and would not even discuss the issue.

Good Riddance.

Dave Dragon
i had the same prob as well i think there a scam to behonest i havnt got a dime yet from them and i hav them on 4 sites
Neil said…
I got the same message too. I've recently joined a couple of traffic exchanges, those could be the reason. Make sure to email them back so your account doesn't get suspended. Good info on your blog, check out mine when you find the time.

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