Building traffic and getting paid - Sweet!

One of the free ways to build traffic for your website is to post to forums and place a link in your signature file. I've been testing this out in a forum I recently joined and I can tell you that it works. Hits to my site have increased steadily and about 50% have come from this forum. The added bonus is, I get paid to post! It's not much, I've made about a buck over there but considering I'm promoting my website and getting paid to do so, it's all good, lol. If you want to check it out, follow this link.

BTW, if your blog is about making money, get it listed on my site Guide to Internet Income.


Jane Lake said…
Two great programs to build extra income on your blog. No cost to you!


Take The Internet Back
here s my web site im still kinda workin on it but u place it on yur site and u can put yurs on mine aswell
teatreebergamot said…
Hi, My blog's about money and I'm happy to exchange links. Just leave a comment on my blog
teatreebergamot said…
Hi, Thanks for the link. I've linked to you on my blog.

Dosh Dosh said…
Hey.. just stumbled upon your blog, do let me know if you wanna trade links, seeing that we share the same niche. =)

Just added you to my blogroll!

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